New Cool Vapor Hookah

W/ Pre-filled Disposable Vape Tank

Your Vapor ready to Go.

Introducing our one of a kind hookah’s, with a disposable vape tank. No more need to refill your tank again and again, it’s already filled, sealed, and ready to go! Once your tank is empty you can simply throw it away and replace it with another one of our disposable tanks.

eGo 650 mAh 3.2 V and H2 Clearomizer Blister Pack Includes:

1 eGo 650 mAh battery. Voltage: 3.2 V.

1 H2 eGo Clearomizer 2.0 ml of E-Liquid.

1 USB Wire Charger. USB Input: DC 4.5-6 V 500 mAh. USB Output: DC 4.2 V 400 mAh. USB Port:

5V Adapter/Computer USB port.

Battery Features:

When fully charged, the battery powers over 800 puffs.

Turn on/off the battery press the button 5 times rapidly. The LED light will blink when changing in

between modes.

Ten seconds of continuous use causes the button to cut-off. After a few seconds the device can be

used normally again. If the light on your button (or illumination ring, depending on your model)

flashes ten to fifteen times while pressed, this may mean the battery needs to be charged.

Compatible with all inner and outer 510 threaded Clearomizers.

Battery will shut off if button is pressed for more than 10 seconds.

Battery will blink 5 times to notify when charge is needed.

When plugging in the battery to charge, the button or ring will flash three times and the charger’s

indicator light will turn red. When the indicator light turns green charging is complete.

Charging Time: 2-3 hours.

Battery Life: 300 recharges.

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