Cool Vapor Vape Tanks v.s. “Big Tobacco” E-Cigarettes

Consumers are demanding a true vaping device (vapor hookah) with the same capabilities that are available at Vapor Shops. But unlike a regular vapor hookah, consumers want the convenience of a regular cigarette where they can use it right away without a need for the consumer to manually fill the tank with E-Liquid. Cool Vapor has solved this problem with our Pre-Filled Disposable Vape Tanks! Brands like: Vuse, Mark Ten, Blu are not true vape tanks because they don’t use a tank or a large battery. E-cigarettes do not give the consumer what they crave! The consumer wants something that is more like smoking a cigarette!

Performance Attributes Cool Vape Tanks “Big Tobacco”
True Vape Tank Yes No
Battery Power 600 mAH 180 mAH
Volume of E-Liquid 2 ml 0.5 ml
Cost Per ml Low High
Vapor Technology Wet Wick Wet Sponge
Vapor Intensity High Low
Disposable Yes Yes
Enclosed System Product Yes Yes